Skincare During Pregnancy

Many mothers-to-be are advised to be cautious of what they consume or put into their bodies during pregnancy, but not many are aware that what they apply or put on their bodies should also be taken into consideration.

Some skincare ingredients are absorbed into skin upon application, so being properly informed of what comes into contact with your skin is important to avoid complications.

While there are no conclusive and definite reports about skincare ingredients and their effects on pregnant women, there are still ingredients that many experts have advised to avoid. These include Retinoids, Salicylic Acid and Hydroquinone.

As a general rule of thumb, your basic skincare products which are rinsed off, such as a gentle cleanser should be fine to use during pregnancy, while gentle leave-on skincare products should also be fine if the area applied does not exceed 10% of the total skin. Consider choosing products with the least complicated list of ingredients, and if you are ever in doubt of the ingredients in your skincare products, consult your doctor for their advice and recommendation.

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    Mba, mau tanya. Sekarang saya sedang hamil dan jerawat muncul.

    Produk cetaphil apa saja ya mba yg bisa meredakan jerawat saat hamil dan juga aman untuk ibu hamil?

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